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Ear Candles

dropship ear candles

Ear Candles have become amazingly popular over the last few years with many enthusiasts claiming remarkable physical and spiritual effects from Ear Candling treatment. That being said it seems that nobody is quite sure where Ear Candles came from or what their original usage was. Various sources claim they were used in ancient cultures such as China, India, Syberia and North America.


We offer a range of Ear Candles and products to suit most people. Our Ear Candles are made from unbleached natural cotton and beeswax and are scented with Rose, Lavender and Orange essential oils.


Please note it is advisable to sell your Ear Candles with some form of instructions and information on using the product effectively and safely, which is why our Ear Candles are supplied with an information leaflet and a protective disc.


Ancient Wisdom Ear Candles are sold in packs of ten.