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The prices of our art stone statues do not include delivery prices and are exempt from any delivery offers or prices listed on our main delivery page.


Here's Why

Art stone statues exceed the maximum dimensions allowed by normal courier transport companies in their protective wooden crates, if removed from their protective crates they are not good travellers.


So What Happens?

The art stones statues are transported with palletways Pallet Freight the prices for transport start at a minimum of £32+vat and vary with what post code we deliver to, and whether it needs to be transported on a quarter/half or full pallet.  This is why the transport costs can not be automatically apllied on checkout.


So How Do I Order?

Please email us to confirm availability of the satue, giving us the code and destination postal code.  We will then work out the price and email you the final quote.  If you/your customer is happy with the price-place the order as usual via the website, we can then send you a PayPal request for the pallet shipment.


What Happens On Delivery? My Customer doesn't have a forklift!

The carriage costs include the price of a Tail Lift (unloading of the pallet).  On the day of delivery your customer will receive a phone call roughly an hour before delivery so they know to expect delivery.  The stone statues are bulky and impozing, but not that heavy, they can be easily handled by 1 to 2 people depending on size.  Your customer will need to dispose of the transport crate (but not the pallet) themselves.  PLEASE INFORM US OF ANY VEHICLE RESTRICTIONS AT THE DELIVERY ADDRESS AS PALLETS ARE USUALLY TRANSPORTED ON HEAVY GOODS VEHICLES.


Can I Work Out the Price Myself?

The pallet price guide can be found here

Below is a list of the pallet type each Statue can be transported on.  When ordering muliple items it's worth noting that 4 items that take 1/4 pallet don't always add up to one full pallet, the same applies for half pallets.  Sometimes it's more, sometimes less.  Email [email protected] for a quote for multiple items as our warehouse operatives will know how to arrange these items on a pallet to optimise the space available.




ITEM CODE Bgarg-01
BigB-03 BigB-04 BigB-05 BigB-06 BigB-07 BigB-08 BigB-09 BigB-10 BigB-12 BigB-13 BigB-14


1/2 1/4 1/4 Full Full 1/4 1/4 1/4 1/4 1/4 Full Full Full